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 General Rules (Temporary)

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PostSubject: General Rules (Temporary)   General Rules (Temporary) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 08, 2007 10:38 am

Do not disrespect other members of the forum. If you have a problem with someone, you can send a private message to myself or one of the Moderators and we will take care of it.

No swearing! We understand some of you may like to swear, but many people find it very offensive. Please have respect and don't swear. Avoiding the word filters by changing the spelling or using alternate characters will not be tolerated.

Multiple User Accounts are NOT allowed. We can tell when multiple accounts are being logged into from the same computer, so please refrain from doing so. Exceptions will be made for multiple people in the same household. Please PM me to notify me if this is the situation.

Keep it clean! Please keep all posts, PMs, stories, links, etc free of content that would be rated above "PG-13." There are younger members on the forum, and we don't wish to expose them to things they should not be exposed to.

Please stay ON TOPIC! Please make sure that when making a new topic or post, it is in the most-appropriate forum/thread. When you are posting on someone else's topic, stay on topic. If you think of a different topic to talk about, make a whole new topic about it.

Please avoid nonsensical or pointless posts. We define a pointless post as something has no purpose or relevance to the thread. Please stay on topic at all times. For example, it is better to not post anything than to post "I don't know" in someone's help thread. Please try to keep posts at a decent length except for where the topic requires short posts.

Please do not post in all capital letters. Since this is an online forum, we cannot rely on tone of voice or volume. Often, posting in capital letters infers anger or shouting. (exceptions will be made where shouting is appropriate and in context) Topic titles should never be in all capital letters.

Do not post links to pages containing adult content. If you're going to post a link, be very sure that everything at the site you're linking to is acceptable. We understand that most of the links you're posting aren't your personal sites, and that they change on a regular basis, but please try to keep all linked-content appropriate.

If someone on the forums breaks any of these rules, do not intervene! Leave the moderating work to the moderators! Please use the post report system by clicking the triangular "Report Post" button found in each post. Please be as specific as possible when filling out a report.

Advertising is NOT allowed. If your post includes links, images, or any other media/text intentionally advertising another product, website, industry, etc, it will be deleted without warning. (Exceptions will be made for personal sites as long as they do not violate any other rules and are located inside an appropriate forum)

Post Readability should be a top concern. Please avoid speaking in leet/net/chat speak. This is not only hard for most members to read, but it also makes the forum look much less mature and civilized. We also encourage users to speak in complete sentences - using punctuation where needed!

PM Advertising is not allowed. Our PM system may not be used for sending out PMs to other users to advertise your site, story, competition, etc. We have no problem with you posting about it in an appropriate forum or telling a user if they ask you, but you may not send out PMs to users. Repeat offenders will lose their PM privileges.

Bumping old threads is not appropriate in many forums. Bumping an old thread (commonly known as "necromancy" - bringing a dead thread back) is often not appropriate. If, for example, you find a thread in showcase that hasn't been posted in for several months, please don't post something like "cool" and bring it back to life. However, if the topic is still valid and you are posting a helpful response, it is sometimes better to bring back the old thread than to create a new thread. Please use your best judgment.

Spoiler tags are only to be used where appropriate and necessary. These cases include (but are not limited to): hiding spoiler info about a story, movie, tv show, etc; hiding/compressing large chunks of text and/or pictures; hiding competitions results. Spoilers tags are not to be used in signatures and/or the chatbox because since the topic is not determined, a user has no idea what could be inside. Spoilers tags should never be used to hold unnecessary/pointless information.

Cross posting is not allowed. Cross posting is posting the same (or very similar) thread in multiple places. Please post all new topics/posts in the most appropriate place.

All-inclusiveness is a requirement for all topics. All topics must be open for discussion to all members of the forum. For example, you can't open a topic and say that only males can post inside.

Common sense applies to all areas of the forum. Please use your best judgment when browsing and posting. Even if a rule isn't listed here, or if you see a "loophole," that does not make it okay. The moderators reserve the right to issue warnings based on common sense.

Double Posting is not allowed. If you were the last person to post in a topic and you have something else to say, please edit your last post. The exception to this rule is the Legacy Stories forums. If you were the last person to post in your legacy topic but you have a new chapter, you may post twice in a row. This is the only time you may have two consecutive posts. The reason for this is that if you edit in your new chapter info, your legacy topic will not be marked as "unread" for your readers.


Signature Rules:

Each image may be no larger than 550x200 (width x height)
There is a maximum limit of 400 characters (text + code)
Your signature must be setup through your Profile. Signatures copied into each post will result in a warning.
Your entire signature should not be greater than 500 pixels tall
Spoilers are not to be used in signatures.

Should we have repeated problems with a member's signature violating the above rules, that user will no longer be allowed to display a signature.


Avatar Rules:

Avatars may not contain anything that violates the forum or signature rules. If they do, you will no longer be allowed to display an avatar.
Please avoid avatars that are extremely bright and/or flashing as this can trigger those with photosensitive epilepsy.
Avatars should not exceed a height and width of 100x100


Fine Print:
- Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to use their judgment on any/all rules.
- The action(s) taken will be determined on a case-by-case basis always with fairness to the user in mind.
- These rules may change at any time without notice, so check them often. Changes will be recorded below.
- All users are held accountable for the rules listed above. Not having time to read them is never a valid excuse for not following them.
Please not these are just another forums rules, they are only temporary
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General Rules (Temporary)
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