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 Short story/Poetry contest!

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Short story/Poetry contest! Empty
PostSubject: Short story/Poetry contest!   Short story/Poetry contest! Icon_minitimeTue Mar 11, 2008 12:23 pm

Well, most of us seem to like writing short stories and poems so I thought I'd give this a try.

In a short story of no more than 150 words, sum up roleplayin' or one of the role plays in a creative way.

Or you could opt to do a poem instead, in this case, in no more than 6 verses, sum up roleplayin' or one of the role plays.

The deadline is the end of April unless I get all entries before then. I will put a poll up for the winner.

Please PM all entries to me. Do not use any characters/your own name, this is anonymous.

1st place:
A cool signiture medal, a graphic of any kind (made by me), poem/Short story posted on the portal
2nd place: A cool participant signiture medal, a 100x100 avatar (made by me)
3rd place: A cool participant signiture medal.

Good luck!

Short story/Poetry contest! CompCube
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Short story/Poetry contest!
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